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About our company
For more than 10 years we have been not only supplying equipment and developing systems, but also servicing them, helping you in solving current problems.

Our company is a resident of the Technopark of the Novosibirsk Academic City and is engaged in the development of ordered corporate systems, as well as in the supply of the equipment for such systems. We are a partner of such manufacturers as Cisco, Arista, Ruckus Wireless, MOXA, ALGE-TIMING, Siwidata, MyLaps.
Sports technology is one of the main activities of our company. We provide a wide range of services related to the conducting of competitions in biathlon, cross-country skiing, athletics and other sports.
Serviced sports
  • Biathlon
    Biathlon complexes

    Shooting electronic trainer
  • Winter
    Snowboard discipline
    Alpine Skiing
    Short track
  • Summer
    Canoeing / rowing
    Show jumping
  • Sports stadium
    Mini football
Full service cycle
  • Hosting an event
    An integrated approach to the task. From creating a marketing strategy to dismantling the timing system
  • Timing systems design
    from amateur competitions to equipping sports arenas
  • Installation of equipment
    installation and installation of stationary lines and equipment for the timing core with marking of connection lines and instructions for working with the complex
  • Service support
    system maintenance, assistance in solving current tasks and problems
  • Modernization
    Updating the stadium's timing infrastructure for meeting the new competition regulations and the use goals
Corporate systems

Our company is engaged in the development of ordered corporate systems, as well as in the supply of the equipment for such systems. The list of companies which we have worked with includes, for example, MOXA and CISCO. All our supplied equipment is produced by leading companies in their industries and demonstrate the highest quality.


We also maintain corporate systems, keep them running smoothly and solve problems.

Your Webex Virtual Room
Use your virtual room to meet with partners, colleagues and friends .

Easy connection without registration and confirmation e-mail

Connection from any device (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone), or from multiple devices simultaneously

You can do almost anything that you would do in a real conference room: show documents to all participants, make changes and corrections, write on an interactive whiteboard, hand over the role of the moderator.

More details
Our clients
  • Novosibirsk biathlon complex
    We supply, install and service target complexes HoRa (Germany) and Kurvinen (Finland). The functioning of the Kurvinen biathlon targets is based on the mechanical falling of the tipping plates, which allows them to be used even in the absence of power supply and in all weather conditions. Electronic HoRa systems are used in Olympic competitions, their main difference is that the target is considered to be hit by the signal of the shock sensor, and its closure occurs not mechanically, but at the command of the servo.
  • Children's television
    Our company helps Children's Television to carry out its activities by working on the software and the equipment for broadcasting and the normal functioning of the project. Children's Television is a real television that gives young talents an opportunity to try themselves in a wide range of specialties, find their vocation, and develop the necessary skills in practice.
  • Universiade 2019
    Skiing. Alpine skiing. Biathlon. Snowboard. Ski cross. Border cross. Freestyle. Short track.
  • Regional Center for Sports Facilities (Krasnoyarsk)
    Multifunctional sports complex "ARENA.SEVER"
    Cluster "RAINBOW" Sports complex "ACADEMY OF BIATLON" Cluster "SOPKA"
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